In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we celebrate the birth or adoption of children, and want to warmly welcome them into the life of the community.  Across time and different beliefs, most cultures and religious traditions create meaningful rites to welcome children, whether it’s called a baptism, a naming ceremony, a christening, or in our tradition, a child dedication.

In dedicating a child, there are two purposes.  We offer parents an opportunity to dedicate themselves to the nurture and upbringing of their child.  The congregation in turn, covenants to support and nurture this family in our midst.

Reverend Janet works with each family to create a ceremony that is meaningful theologically and that honors family heritage and traditions.

Child Dedication ceremonies during a regular Sunday worship service are typically limited to congregation members, as an important part of the ceremony is the promises made to the family by the community of which they are a part.  The ceremony would generally take place early in the regular worship service.

Private child dedications emphasizing families can be arranged as well.  Please contact Reverend Janet at for more information.  She would be happy to work with you to craft a meaningful ceremony.