Sermons on the Environment (Dick Prouty and JoeAnn Hart)

Spirit and the Environment  A Sermon Preached by Dick Prouty  at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church       July 14, 2013

I assume all of you are now concerned more about the environment than you were five years.  I sure am!  The reality of the impact of global warming is hitting us hard now, and it not easy to avoid thinking about this severe threat to our future……even if like Ismael we say nothing, and try to think nothing.   Read more here Spirit and the Environment (446)

What Would the Goddess Choose?   A Sermon Given by JoeAnn Hart   at the   Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church       August 18, 2013

For today’s sermon, I’m going to pick up the thread of the one given by Dick Prouty a few weeks ago, when he spoke about the ecological challenges the earth is facing right now. Dick described the problem in all its horrific detail: the heat waves, the hurricanes, the droughts, the dying oceans and coral reefs, the toxic air from all the CO2 we are pumping into the atmosphere, the melting tundra that will release trapped methane gas into the warming cocktail of our own making, so I’m not going to revisit all that. We know it’s bad and it’s getting worse. Dick talked about reducing the carbon footprint of this historic church to zero with the help of a Green Future Committee, within the context of working What Would The Goddess Choose?   Read more here What Would the Goddess Choose? (409)