Healing Our Wholeness – October 2, 2016

Healing Our Wholeness, Healing the World
Reverend Janet Parsons

October 2, 2016
Once upon a time, back at the very beginning of time, the Ein Sof, or the Ground of Being, or God, filled the entire universe with its presence. And when the Ein Sof decided to create the world, in order to make room for it, God, the Ein Sof, needed to contract itself to make room for all the wonders that would soon fill the universe. And so God found a way to squeeze its presence, in the form of light, into 10 vessels. When that happened, darkness fell. In creating the universe God sent the 10 vessels to create light, but something went wrong. The vessels were too fragile to hold the powerful light, and so they shattered. The light scattered, like grains of sand, like tiny sparks, and found their way into everything and everyone. We all contain these sparks of the holy. continue reading sermon here