The Care Knitting Group meets during most months (not in the summer) at 2:00 pm on the last Sunday of the month in a member’s home.  While enjoying each other’s company, and teaching people how to knit, they make shawls to be used in the Sanctuary, and to be given to members who are ill.

The Choir:    We are very fortunate to have committed and talented members.  Choir is a gift in many ways.  Each Sunday our choir expresses something in sound and music that is amazing.  The choir is a reflection of  the membership of our congregation; it  is composed of diversity of faith perspectives,  people who come from totally different walks of life and social backgrounds, and who have widely various tastes and interests.  The gift of choir to the congregation is in the same moment highly personal, and each member experiences an individual purpose within its harmony.  To any who can carry a tune and who have not lately  – or ever – experienced choir, consider singing with us.  We sing during Sunday worship from September to mid-June and rehearse on Wednesday evenings during this time.