December 2014 News

There is an abundance of news for the month of December.  Please glance at the entire newsletter now, and when you have more time read the articles of interest to you.  Because there is so much information, the newsletter had to be split into two parts:  December 2014 (1-8)  and December 2014 (9-16)

  • DECEMBER:  Christmas Eve, December Services, Solstice Concert, Christmas Fair, Welcome Yule Event, Middle Street Walk ….. and so forth.
  • The “Shutter Hoist”
  • Religious Education Program Notes and Updates
  • Hot Topics and Board Notes
  • One-Two Crew
  • A New Sign of Life
  • and more!

Read pages 1-8 here December 2014 (1-8) (658)     Read pages 9-16 here December 2014 (9-16) (672)