The Building and Grounds Committee meets on an as-needed basis.  They act as “casual consultants” to the sexton, if there are maintenance and/or repairs beyond her expertise.  Other ways in which this committee saves the church large amounts of money are by maintaining the cemetery, working on the exterior of the building, tower maintenance, energy efficiency improvements, and some renovation-improvements of specific rooms (such as the child care room).  They also maintain a schedule for major repairs (such as the roof, and major painting).  They consult with members who have historical expertise regarding the planning of any restoration work.

The Care Committee meets on the 3rd  Sunday of each month at 11:15 am in the Historical Room.  The committee provides support and comfort in countless ways throughout the year and may offer:  rides, errands, help with moving, help with household tasks, and many other kind deeds.  They see their work as being more than just offering support.  They strive to help foster a sense of community within our church that leads to genuine feelings of caring out of which acts of caring can naturally flow.  They send cards for a variety of occasions, and prepare “care packages” for absent students.  Each year they provide a “Giving Tree” for donations of warm winter clothing which goes to children at Pathways for Children.   Click here for “Building the Care Circle” information sheetBuilding the Care Circle (1022)

The Finance Committee meets monthly in the Library.  The purpose of this committee is to oversee, review and regulate the church finances, to organize and run the annual canvass, and to count the weekly cash collection.

The Membership Committee  meets on an as-needed basis.  They welcome visitors, assist visitors who wish to become members, and keep track of membership growth (past and present).  Committee members discuss goals and coming events, update their bulletin board, and work with the Religious Education Committee to build a stronger membership and a smooth working relationship among all groups.   Click here for Membership FormMembership Form (954)

The Music & Liturgy Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Historical Room.  Their goal is to contribute to the vibrancy of worship, to provide support to the Minister, to find lay speakers and guest ministers when necessary, and to seek out new ways to enhance the musical and liturgical life of the congregation.

The Religious Education Committee meets on an as-needed basis in the Darlington Room.  They oversee and coordinate the various RE endeavors, including Sunday School for children.  They work with and advise the Director of RE and Minister on the direction and implementation of religious education programming.  They organize supervision for child care for infants through pre-school age children during Sunday services.  The RE Committee recommends occasional courses/programs for adults, and helps decide curricula for the Youth Group, as well as special courses for Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives classes.  They assist the Director of Religious Education in planning holiday programs and the annual church picnic.

The Social Justice Committee  meets monthly on a Thursday evening.  The mission of this committee is to inform and empower members of the church community; identify social issues of local, national or international significance; discuss potential actions to be taken; and to determine and carry out ongoing local projects.  The Social Justice Committee honors members of the community with a special Annual Gloucester Citizenship Awards Ceremony.  It also coordinates the church’s meal planning and preparation for the Open Door, four times each year.

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