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May News

Installation Memories — May Events — Board Notes — 2016 Gloucester Citizenship Awards Winner — and More!   Read the May news here

The Creative Spirit (Rev. Parsons April 24, 2016)

A Sermon Given at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church   April 24, 2016  By  Rev. Janet Parsons I once had the good fortune to be present when someone was struck by a creative spirit, and had the chance to watch what happened. The someone was my husband. We were participating in a prayer group at our … Continued

Love Will Come Again – Rev. Janet Parsons, Easter 2016

The ancient story has been handed down across time and distance, across languages and cultures. It climaxes unexpectedly: when three grieving women, returning to a tomb to dress the body of their murdered teacher, encounter a mysterious stranger. The body is nowhere to be found.    

April News

The Installation of Rev. Janet D. Parsons (complete information) — Parenting Class Begins — April Events — and More

March 2016 News

A Joyous Occasion:  Rev. Janet’s Installation — March Worship Services — February 7th was Special — “Creative Play for Grownups” — and more

“Love is Stronger Than Death” by Rev. Parsons (2/14/16)

A couple of weeks ago, the President of Iran visited Rome. Since he was planning to visit the Capitoline Museum, it was decided, by someone – the news reports were a little vague — to cover up statues of classical nudes so as to not offend him. Wooden boxes were constructed to place around some … Continued

Nominations for 2016 Citizenship Awards

We are now accepting nominations for our Annual Gloucester Citizenship Awards.   Please click here  and then copy and print the form and  mail to Gloucester UU Church, 10 Church Street, Gloucester MA 01930 (Attention:  Citizenship) 

“Dialogue” by Newt Fink (January 24, 2016)

 Question. My great friend Dr. Mike Sperber always asks huge questions. “So where did we come from?” he calmly asks as we speed down Rt. 128 – he’s taking me to a doctor’s appointment. Do you have a friend like that?   It stirred thoughts that had been forming in my mind for some time. And … Continued

February 2016 Newsletter

Reflections from Janet — Filling our Pulpit in February — Gloucester Solar Challenge — Religious Exploration — Upcoming Events …. and more!