Music & Liturgy

Our Interim Minister, Rev. Jenny Rankin, is preaching on Sunday, March 1, 2015. She has chosen this reading to be recited during the service.


STAND BY THIS FAITH              from Olympia Brown

Stand by this faith.  Work for it and sacrifice for it. 

There is nothing in all the world so important as to be loyal to this faith which has placed before us the loftiest ideals. 

Which has comforted us in sorrow, strengthened us for noble duty and made the world beautiful. 

Do not demand immediate results but rejoice that we are worthy to be entrusted with this great message.

 That you are strong enough to work for a great true principle without counting the cost. 

Go on finding ever new applications of these truths and new enjoyments in their contemplation, always trusting in the one God which ever lives and loves.


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