Music & Liturgy

Our Interim Minister, Rev. Jenny Rankin is preaching on Sunday, December 21st.  She has chosen this responsive reading to be recited during the service.


MAGNIFICAT   By W. Frederick Wooden


My soul magnified God.      We are enlarged.

And my spirit breaks out, rejoicing in the face of freedom. 

That God (something now within, yet not mine) has glanced at this daughter of hope.

And behold, henceforth, time will know and regard me. 

For that great mystery is a beam.   Drawn through this lens,

Comforting me and all people, The shadows now dispersed. 

There is strength here.   Like the sinew of a mother’s arm.

It shatters the brittle pride of wealth: 

It levels the clay-foot thrones of tyrants;

It upholds the forgotten, the scarred. 

Hunger, both body and soul, will be filled.

Riches will no more be rewarded. 

The holy one cleaves to those who keep faith;  it will endure in those who serve mercy.

And the promise made to legend ancestors will be kept.


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